At MODA we create marketing, advertising and design solutions to help clients achieve their business objectives.

We are very interested in helping our clients meet their objectives - so we work hard to understand their goals and their brand before producing creative solutions. This generally helps create what is right, rather than what is expected, easy or flavour of the month in the design and advertising world.

We strive hard to produce work of the highest quality. This applies just as much to punctuation as it does to meticulous selection (in some cases creation) of the right typeface or imagery to fit a brand's values.

So it's not surprising that the businesses with which we most enjoy our collaboration - and for which we probably add the most value - are those that share our passion for celebrating the power of high quality and good design.

We have a wealth of experience in marketing and design from the client's perspective, and therefore can frequently see things from that point of view, not just our own. We hope that this makes us a more understanding and tolerant partner, as well as more quickly an efficient one from the client's standpoint. And a mutually-rewarding long-term partnership is something we always aim for - whether with clients or our own suppliers.

High-minded ideals are nothing without the drive to actually make things happen. We have proved time and again that we will go the extra mile to get the job done so our clients achieve what they set out to do.

Some other peoples' views about us:

"Thank you for all the extra time that you put into getting the ad out on time. Nothing like racing towards a deadline!! It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to doing it again soon!"
Sonya Ford,
Global Communications Executive Manager, AGB Nielsen Media Research.

"I cannot thank Moda enough for the first class job they have done in helping me create the right brand for my new company. I am still amazed (and slightly disconcerted) by their ability to read my mind when it comes to Attik Events. Image, attention to detail and presentation is key in my industry - I would not trust anyone else with the work."
Emma Webber, Director, Attik Events

"Newquay brochures arrived over the weekend and look great. Thanks for everything - great work".
Josh Stanbury, Marketing Manager, Evenrange Limited.

"Having seen that you are presenting a workshop I thought that a few words from an early convert might not go amiss. Hardly a week goes by that someone comments on seeing our vans about. You were right when you said the logo would take a little time to establish, but now I would not be without it. I am sure your efforts and it have lifted the image that we create".
David Jackson, Managing Director, Jackson & Son.

"Thanks for all the work on our new website. I was negotiating with a new supplier the other day, and to start with he hesitated about setting up an agency with us. I told him to take a look at our website to see what we're about. He was straight back, saying we are just the sort of high quality business he wants to deal with."

Noel Marsh, Managing Director, Cool It Automotive.

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